Sunday, 27 November 2011

A proposito del exhibicion

....algo saber de mi:
Alexandra Kallos (Grecia) era bailarina de danza contemporanea en Holanda.
Termino su trayectoria como bailarina para formarse en fotografia y video-arte en una Escuela de Belles Artes en Amsterdam. Durante ese periodo sufrio un accidente de trafico muy grave que la obligo a permanecer una larga temporada hospitalizada e inmovilizada durante seis meses. Anos despues de finalizar su formacion artistica, empezo a aprender tango y fue un encuentro irresistible. Desde entonces ha dedicado su vida professional al arte y al baile. En 2001 empieza a pasar largas temporadas en Buenos Aires, mejorando su estilo no solo con grandes maestros( Gavito, Sebastian y Mariana, Dana y Pablo Frigoli, Chico Frumboli..) sino tambien compartiendo abrazos y bailes con varios milongueros.
Desde hace cinco anos reside en Barcelona. Viaja mucho por su profesion, dando clases y exhibiciones en Europa y otros lugares como la India, donde dio clases y organizo milongas en Goa los ultimos tres anos durante el invierno.
(Ve a los postings TanGoa en este blog)
Define el tango como ‘el regalo mas grande de su vida’, porque representa la profunda gratitud que siente por haber recibido esta segunda oportunidad de la vida.

Tango performance/Exhibicion in Casa Valencia

Performance Alexandra Kallos and Jens-Ingo Brodesser

It's with great pleasure that i can announce the tango performance on thursday 1 st of Dec. in the milonga Casa Valencia, Barcelona.
After doing many workshops and exhibitions abroad,
its very exciting to be dancing in my hometown with
a new partner Jens-Ingo Brodesser!
He is a greek-german tangodancer living in Brussels.
We both share many years of professional dancing and studying in Buenos Aires with various maestros like Gavito, Gustavo Naveiro, Sebastian y Mariana, Chicho Frumboli, Dana y Pablo Frigoli to name but a few.
We hope to welcome you all and share this special performance with us!

Milonga 22.30 - 01.30 hs
Performance around 23.30 hs
Entrada 6 euro
Milonga Casa Valencia, Corcega 335, pral,
Barcelona ( M. Diagonal)

Jens-Ingo is also a professional DJ.
Not only a staple on the Brussels tangoscene but working at various festivals and milongas
in Copenhagen, Cologne, Amsterdam, Paris etc.
We will have the opportunity to experience his personal style of Dj-ing on the following saturday 3 of Dec. in the milonga Bellos Aires, Mir Geribert 8, 3 planta (M. Plaza Espagna)
Being greek he likes to introduce greek folkmusic called Rembetiko as cortinas.
Rembetiko is a greek cultural style of music that originated as a subculture in the greek ports and cities during the beginning and middle of the last century.
It shares its roots with other industrial subcultures like blues, fado, flamenco and tango.
Its lyrics generally reflect on the harsher realities of life.

Hope to see you all on thursday 1 Dec and lets make a great milonga on saturday 3 Dec !

Abrazos calidos,
Happy milonqueando!


EXHIBICION el Jueves 1 Dic. 2011
Habra exhibicion de Alexandra Kallos y Jens-Ingo Brodesser este jueves 1 Dic.
en la milonga Casa Valencia, Corcega 335, pral (M-Diagonal)
milonga 22.30-01.30 hs
exhibicion 24.00 hs
entrada 6 euro

DJ Jens el sabado 3 Dic. en la milonga Bellos Aires
Mir Geribert 8, tercero (M-Plaza Espagna)
entrada 5 euro

Os espero a todos!

abrazos calidos

Friday, 7 October 2011

Hello october !
Lets greet the autumn - already- with a picture from the last summery days of Sitges festival.

The weekend 8-9 oct. workshops with the formidable Pablo Inza in Barcelona.

classes will be at Asociacion Cultural Bellos Aires,
c/Mir Geribert 8, 3 floor
Metro LI +L3 , Placa Espagna
contact : 93 527 5152

As. Bellos Aires is the location for the regular saturday milonga!
Pablo will be making a performance during the sat. night milonga with Soledad Larretapia.


See you all there- ill be doing the workshops ;-)

Happy milonqueando !


Saturday, 2 July 2011

After some very inspiring tangofestival trips to exciting places like Istanbul, Beirut and Amsterdam but to new a few, im back in Barca.
Also lots of fluxus on the homefront : i moved apartments.

Tango aficionados the world over are of course getting ready to embark on the magical
13 -17 th July. Officially 5 days but in the last few years it seems to have spilled out into more like a week of sun, sand and tango.

I myself will skip on Sitges this year , hmmm yess, for im about to leave for island hopping in
my native Greece.
Tango festival in Lesbos is on the cards and i will be teaching ............... yoga aswell !

Look out for some summerpostings here and the anouncement of the new classes
starting September etc..

Lots of summer-tango joy ;-)

Happy milonqueando!
abrazos y besos


subscript fotos:
milonga Istanbul March 2011, sleeping man at mosque Ist.2011, bl/w portrait Mazen Kiwan-
organiser Beirut Int. tangofest. Lebanon 2011, milonga Beirut, image street graffiti Beirut

Monday, 17 January 2011

Zaragoza Tango weekend :

21 Jan - 23 Jan 2011 Tango extravaganza in Zaragoza
Special guests
the formidable Argentine couple
** Mariana Montes and Sebastian Arce **

Apuntate !
See you there ;-)

Happy milonqueando,

Series ' Abrazos' 2009/2010 made by me- Alexandra Kallos

Welcome to another great Tango year-
Bienvenida 2011 !

A todos,
wishing you all a prosperous, inspiring and successful New year,
with an abundance of good health, (eco)travelling, Tango, festivals...anything our milonguero-hearts desire!

Un fuerte Abrazo y besos

a big Hug,