Saturday, 31 October 2009

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Tango in Goa

Finally, here we go, the publicity for TanGoa !

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Abrazos 2008/09

As an artist working with photography and video i have made several works inspired by tango.
Here are i present two images from the series Abrazos that i realized together with (other)photographer Nick Musgrave.
They are a sort of selfportraits-in-tangomotion.
The Abrazos series consists of 18 images, in black/white, digital, Gyclee Hahnemuller paper
sizes variable
limited editions

If you are interested in my works, im happy to provide you with more details.
or send an email to

Happy milonqueando!

impressons Mallorca 09

Mallorca Tangofest. oct 09

Sitges, july 09

hola todo Queridos,

i havent posted for a [longish] while.
But i have been very busy dancing and travelling and creating all sorts of things.
But here are some updates from the latest tango events in my life: the Tango festival Sitges july 09, absolutely unforgettable!
The dancing, the stars ;-), the orchestra (Color Tango), the beach, the sangria and last but not least, the after-hour, allnight milonga on the pier-promenade. Una passada..!
What a pleasure to be once again in the presence of the allstar line-up from the absolute top of the current tango Pantheon -
Chicho Frumboli y Juana Sepulveda, Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes, and Alejandra Hobert y Damian Veredice....

Then in september a very animated, dynamic 10 th edition of Barcelona's own TangoNeta.
Thank you, Gisela, Dj Fredi, Connexion Tango group and all the others for a very cosy, sweaty, inspired 2 day milonga experience.

In October Mallorco Tangofestival is the latest in line. Organised by argentinian local Ariel Yurgevich.
Second time lucky this year, and an honour to be watching some of the starcouples previously at work in Sitges and Lisboa, now strutting their irreperable styles overhere, both in classes and on the milonga floor. Sebastian, Chicho and relative newcomers , hot couple Pablo y Noelia.
Que pinta, que suerte..

i rest my case and
keep on happy milonqueando ;-)

Beloved and begeisterte Pina, R.I.P