Friday, 3 July 2009

Pina Bausch RIP

In memoriam- Pina Bausch, 1940-2009

It was with shockItalic and great sadness i learned,  that the  unforgettable, worldfamous german choreographer/dancer Pina Bausch passed away.
Only five days after she was diagnosed with a condition of cancer.
For me personally, she was one of the main motivations for becoming a dancer and long after i stopped dancing as such, her many beautiful works and performances never ceased to move and inspire me in my life as an artist.
One of the flowers of the stage-decor from ' Nelken' [ Carnations], performed in Amsterdam in 1995  i think, adorned my bedroom mirror and was treasured by me as a truly vintage Pina relic !
Needless to say i have many, many happy memories of her shows, seen in many different places, of which the ones in Buenos Aires and Amsterdam stand out.

It must be gettin' crowded up that dancefloor in the heavens..
Now with  Michael  and Pina  and all the greats that went before them,
they must be gettin' quite a party going on !

Meine tolle Pina [my beloved Pina]
Rest in peace and in my heart,
...Nein, noch nicht gehen, noch ein Weinchen, noch eine Zigarette, nein, noch NICHT GEHEN..*

*english:... no, do not go, just one more glass of wine, just one more cigarette, no,  do NOT GO...
My favourite line from the piece 'Valser'

All pics below taken in Lisboa, May 2009