Thursday, 23 April 2009

tango performance Goa 2009

As mentioned in the previous post, i recently spent some time travelling in India and giving tango classes in Goa.
In the last month of my stay, last January, i was asked to do a little performance in a place called Aquatica. It had recently opened on a beautiful spot located on Ashwem beach, north Goa. Its a restaurant/loungeclub where they serve the very best authentic Indian cuisine and  they have various dj's spinning cool dancemusic. They also host the occasional all night parties.
Doing the show was great fun, as the pics show. One of my students and 
long time tango aficionado Roger White formed my dancepartner for the occasion.

I will be back later this year in Goa engaging in various tango activities- check out this blog for latest info and updates on classes and milongas in Goa dec 2009/ jan.2010-
But if ur travelling around India anyway you can always check out the local tango scenes in Bombay, Delhi and Bangalore at  

In Bombay  i recommend getting in touch with Tim and Malou, a very active, dynamic young couple teaching lindyhop and tango.
In New Delhi contact Stina Almroth at

Happy milonqeando!

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