Sunday, 26 April 2009

la Glorieta-tango in Ciutadella parc

Spring is in the air in Barcelona...For tango lovers that means the Glorieta is about to open again!
The  sunday milonga in Ciutadella Parc. It be fair to say that for many dancers here and especially for me personally, its one of the favourite milongas.
In the open air located in the middle of the parc,  next to the fountain, up in the bandstand ( la glorieta) its almost  too good to be true. A great selection of music, the lazy sunday -afternoon-in the parc with ur friends vibe makes for a very seductive, steamy milonga indeed.
During the summer months the fountain is lit up by little fairy lights, ducks swim around in its pool. An enthousiastic group of regular tangoers meet up at the round, wooden venue amidst lots of hugs and kisses.
To hours of inspiring tandas they embrace and dance thus forming an ongoing spectacle for surprised passers-by and intrigued unlookers.

Another very popular milonga sunday afternoons and serious 'competition' to the Glorieta is   Milonga Gratalonga at Maremagnum shoppingcenter- Sunsetbar, 18.00/22.30 -organised by Maxi. info
Other regular milongas on sundays : Milonga del angel by Norma  in
 Gracia , Club 7 a 9 by Josep and Teresa at Cartagena and Media Luna by Martin at 'El Desbande' also in Gracia.

All pictures were taken during tango in the parc 2008.

Happy milonqeando!

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